The Fastest Most Common Virus in America! Here Are Bizarre Facts About Noroviruses

  • First Documented in 1929
  • Known as the Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning
  • People Can Shed Virus for Up to 8-Weeks
  • #1 Cause of Illness in America
  • Every Year 20-Million Americans Suffer From Norovirus Infection
  • 2,500 Outbreaks of Norovirus Are Reported to the CDC Every Year (Stats Before Covid-19 Outbreak)

We Crash Landed on a Strange Planet!

Not even Buzz Lightyear defeating Zorg’s army can stop this virus.

The Winter Vomiting Disease Finds A Home

In 1929, the first documented norovirus case was studied by Zahorsky and it was called the “Winter Vomiting Disease“.

In 1968, the city of Norwalk Ohio had an outbreak at Bronson Elementary School among children. Children and parents were complaining of nausea and indigestion. This is where the name Norwalk Virus comes from.

In 2002, the Norwalk Virus was given the name “Norovirus

It is such an infectious virus that it was reported to the CDC and local health authorities that a baker preparing food for a wedding had the Norwalk Virus (also named the stomach flu, or gastroenteritis). He used the bathroom and washed his hands thoroughly before baking and handling food. He still managed to contaminate all the food.

Professionals think the virus was under his fingernails and when he stirred the food, the virus landed in the food and therefore contaminated all the wedding food and got everyone sick.


In-Depth Reading!

Visitors at a holiday camp in Catalonia Spain were infected with Norovirus. It was an outbreak that was studied extensively. What can be inferred is that the general public are not well informed about natural waters being contaminated in some way shape or form with bacteria, or virus, in this case fecal matter that contained Norovirus, and parasites, etc. that cause illness.

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A Virus With Many Names

We know the Covid Variant Norovirus has famous names like windows vomit disease, stomach flu and food poisoning. However, there are numerous names and most of them come from neighboring cities.

Let us look at a handful of names the Norovirus is known for:

  • Cruise Ship Virus
  • Hawaii Virus
  • Lordsdale Virus
  • Mexico Virus
  • Toronto Virus
  • Southampton Virus
  • White River Virus
  • Snow Mountain Virus

This virus is so common that in prestigious Medical Journal, The Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases, “The illness is generally mild, but it can cause sever disease with associated dehydration and electrolyte imbalance that may require hospitalization and aggressive treatment with intravenous fluids.”

According to JM Conly, MD. and BL Johnston, MD., who published the study you just read above this paragraph, eating healthy, getting all of your vitamins and keeping yourself clean are common practices (hopefully) but the main contributing factor to hospitalizations and possible death with people who have the Norovirus is lack of H20.

Best Hide and Seek Champion Goes To: The Coronavirus

This is not a tongue and cheek thing. This virus is not the #1 vomiting and diarrhea causer in America and the World because it is easy to find and eradicate. If you ever played hide and seek with a good hider seeker and you will find out – you cannot win.

This Thing Gets Around

Sasquatch and Big Foot, take a seat…. The norovirus, or Coronavirus (Covid-19) strain and all different variants, like the flu, are incredibly small and can hide anywhere.

We know that this virus is very infectious. Now, we need to remember that it floats around and lands and hides and waits for its’ victim.

There are many environmental factors to consider when talking about longevity of particles on surfaces – so we will try to be quick about this. One factor is the surface design and consistency. Carpets are non-porous and so viruses can last in their fibers twice as long. We will get to why it is important to keep your carpets and floors clean, and get them cleaned regularly, but let us get back to the interesting facts about Noroviruses.

Most Common Ways of Contracting and Infecting Others with Covid-19 (a Strain of the Norovirus).

Spread Through Fecal Matter in Food

Ever eat food or drink something and then you must go to the bathroom right away? It is the Taco Bell? Or it is the Norovirus? If it is not the Taco Bell, then that means you got the Norovirus. No joke. Read this study here from the NIH our government.

And to think… this is the leading cause of diarrhea and vomiting in the World!

Having Direct Contact with Someone Sick with Norovirus

Basic knowledge, right? If you are sick just stay home, get rest, drink plenty of water and when you are better keeping your distance for a few more days until you are completely healed.

For goodness sake, don’t make anyone food and keep your hands off stuff especially after using the bathroom. The CDC has more information about how noroviruses spread.

Unclean Surfaces

Surfaces of every kind are a magnet for the unclean. Why do you think bakers and chefs are constantly cleaning their hands in the kitchen? If you read the first few paragraphs above you will find out the hand is a magnet for – microscopic dirty things we cannot see with our eyes – and the floor, table, etc. are tractor beams for dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, etc.

No fear mongering here. Viruses will not last forever in your carpet. I mean, if you have a toddler that is crawling around with an open mouth – then you may want the carpets cleaned pronto (at least a vacuuming – and Covid-19 does not effect children nearly as bad).

We have the best most powerful truck mount systems and Made in America cleaning solutions that will not only clean, disinfect, polish but repel and resist bacteria, viruses, parasites, pests, pet odor and stains.

Moral of Story

If you are going to drink, drink lots of water, take plenty of Vitamin C, Zinc and the good things that your body needs. If you really need a heavy duty coronavirus disinfection service you can have us come out.

Risk Management Study

In-Depth Reading!

Among the many factors that influence the risk of NoV illness for raw oyster consumers, the concentrations of NoV in the influent (raw, untreated) and effluent (treated) of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) were identified to be the most important.

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Got the Stomach Flu? Food Poisoning? A Cold-Like-Flu Illness?

Noroviruses cause what Health Professionals call stomach flu or food poisoning. Because Noraviruses can transmit easiest through food – it is often confused with other illnesses that result in food poisoning.

The scientific name for the norovirus causing the stomach flu is called “gastroenteritis”.

Viral gastroenteritis is the second most common cause of illness in the United States. It is caused by a virus, irritant, parasite, or bacteria that invades the gut.

Symptoms of Norovirus Viral Gastroenteritis

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache with Fever and/or Chills
  • Mild Abdominal Pain

Medical News Today Covid Norovirus Illness Symptoms

It is possible to shed norovirus up to 8-weeks. Shedding means to be contagious and spread the virus human to human through water droplets.

Noraviruses do not respond to antibiotics and cannot be treated with antiviral drugs.

Most common cause of death of gastroenteritis is dehydration. Please drink flluids to replace water loss. Dehydration mostly hits senior citizens, compromised immune systems and young children.

In healthy people, the illness goes away on its own in 1-3 days.

CDC Covid Norovirus Prevention Tips

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT ARTICLE: We take this subject seriously. That is why we put the time, effort, and money into creating this article. It is for educational purposes It is well-researched, and references and studies were done by government officials and/or Doctors (everything is referenced with hyperlinks in the article).

Covid 19 Virus Lifespan in Carpets

In-Depth Reading!

Virus causing infections are not identified in carpets by the time they need to be cleaned. So, it may be prudent to both wait some time if the room can be vacated and then employ heat-based or disinfection-based methods, when possible, to clean contaminated flooring. Ultimately, future research can improve our understanding of dust as a potential transmission route for viral infection.

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