Carpet Cleaning Service Phoenix

About Momentum Carpet Care, LLC.

We are a family owned and operated all-in-one cleaning solution. The driving force behind whether or not a carpet cleaning company thrives is based on its’ referrals. That is why our goal is to develop valuable long-term relatioships with customers that last a lifetime.

We believe in conducting business in an Honest, Ethical, Dignified manner. Integrity is important to us and you will see that the very moment we step foot in your home or corporate establishment. Ask those that know us and they will tell you that customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

We take pride in our work. Every customer has different needs and so a different approach is needed for every customer. Part of why we are so well-known around the valley is because we observe each job and customize a solution for each customer.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We do not put “100% customer satisfaction” on our website as a “feel good” call to action… A guarantee is only as good as the service. We put it on our website because we mean it – because our customers deserve it – because that is what we are known for.

30+ Years Experience the Cleaning Industry

Ludmila Tumova is the owner of Momentum Carpet Care, LLC. She has over 30-years experience conducting maid services and house cleaning. After years of experience, in 2011 she decided to open up Arizona’s First All-in-One cleaning solution company alongside her son Kamil Tumova whom you can see in various photos on the website!


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