After Momentum Carpet & Floor Care, LLC. cleans the tile and grout, we apply our exclusive, deeply penetrating grout color sealant, applied by hand, which gives the grout a whole new fresh look.

Different Types of Grout Color Seal

Clear Grout sealant Typically applied after you lay your tile and grout, will stick right on top of your grout, soak in your grout, then set. The downside of clear sealer is that, if the grout is not completely new, you are sealing out stains and discoloration. Infiltrating sealers also come in a variety of colors, which can reduce the amount of visible staining or discoloration of your grout.

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Color Grout Sealant When applied, our colored sealers soak into the grout, plugging pores and helping to keep staining at bay. Because color sealers have a sealing agent, your grout lines and colors will remain looking like brand-new for years. Applying a professional-grade color sealer is far more effective in improving or maintaining your grouts aesthetics compared to clear sealing, and, if properly maintained, is guaranteed FOR LIFE.

Benefits of Using Color Grout Sealer

It provides excellent durability, protecting your grout lines from stains, grease, bacteria, mold, and mildew, among other things. Color grout sealant is like a clear sealant, but it has color to it, just like the name suggests. You get all the same benefits as clear sealant, but the color brings life back to your grout. While it might not be obvious right away, grout-color sealant protects the grout, but also dramatically changes or transforms the appearance of the tile surfaces.

While a clear sealer does not have the color-shielding features that a colored sealer does on grout, you can count on this being a lot more affordable, as well as being the most basic of all the protective options available for your tiles and grout. Both the colored sealer and clear sealer have durability of up to a decade, with the right maintenance of the tiles and grout, they may even last slightly longer.

Your grout protects your tiles too, so even if you are just sealing the grout, you might consider this as a protection measure for your tiles. By sealing your grout, you are protecting it from any harm that bacteria might do, thereby prolonging the lifespan of both it and your tiles. Color sealing is a protective layer of durability, which prevents the nasties from taking residence in your grout.

Because color sealing will keep your grout from taking in liquids, your bathroom floor will not smell weird like some older bathroom floors. Using this method for cleaning up properly sealed floors will keep the grout lines looking great forever and will keep dirt from building up above the seal. You can DIY any grout sealing product, but to get the best results that last for the longest time on your flooring, you should get the sealer professionally applied.

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End the Damage Your Grout is Taking

Your grout will only take more damage as the years pass. Also, it is important to understand the differences between color sealers and penetrating sealers so that you can make the best decision for your tiles. Momentum Carpet & Floor Care, LLC. are trained professionals that can help you determine what sealer is best for your tiles and grout, and can apply it professionally, efficiently, and time-efficiently.

In fact, we have numerous color samples on hand, and can tentatively put small amounts on the grout to assist in color selection. There are many colors available, and the added benefit to repainting grout is that the products used by Tile and Grout professionals’ doubles as top-quality sealers that make it far easier to clean the grout in the future.

Whether you opt for clear sealant or a colored sealant, you will want to keep sealing your tile floors about once every year or so for maximum protection. Color sealant sounds wonderful, it looks good, even temporarily, but the fact is that you may end up with an ugly looking floor due to a raised colored sealant, which will only worsen over time…general rule of thumb; do not ever consider colored sealing when you have access to a machine (a professional Tile & Grout Cleaner company) for your project.

It is essential that you have your tiles & grout cleaned & sealed on a regular basis to lessen the chance of lingering damage, and also maintain the barrier against food, spills, pet accidents, etc., being permanently absorbed in your grout lines(s), creating a breeding ground for bacteria. After thoroughly cleaning the tiled areas, an epoxy-based colorant is applied, leaving the look consistent while also sealing in the grout to prevent future staining.

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