Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Phoenix

Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service and Sealing in Phoenix-Metro Area

Professionally trained technicians with a powerful extraction truck mounted system, pre-treatments and heat vapor cleaning solutions that will make your tile luster and shine!

Why choose us?

We have a powerful extraction cleaning system specifically designed for tile and grout. Our technology incorporates heat, cleaning agents, vacuum and a high pressure rinse that leaves tile and grout shiny and new. This system will loosen deeply embedded soil from fine crevices and porous grout. We remove 99.99% of bacteria, dirt and as well as stains in between the tile and grout. Normal mopping of a floor pushes around distributes dirt around the tile and leaves detergent residue in the grout creating grime and stains. This detergent residue acts as a magnet for dirt. If left unattended, will eventually stain beyond what normal cleaning methods can handle. Thatʼs why you need a professional cleaning company like Momentum!

Clear Grout Sealing Available:

You can protect the healthy look of your grout by applying a clear grout sealing after every professional cleaning. This clear grouting will also make it easier to maintain your tile after normal cleaning methods like mopping.

Grout Re-Coloring Sealing Available:

When your grout has deeply embedded stains and dirt that are impossible to remove, you may want to re-color your the grout. Grout Re-coloring can renew the look of your tile and grout surfaces without the costly expense of replacement. The grout coloring application is a premium grout sealer which means the grout pores will be thoroughly sealed to make regular maintenance and cleaning easier for you and stain proof! This re-colorization is available in 12 premixed shades.

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