House Cleaning Improves Relationships

Employee sickness and absenteeism cost businesses $530 billion per year

  • Productivity loss costs nearly $3,200 per employee
  • Professional cleaning improves employee health, safety and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Our coronavirus solution is a proprietary solution that is 100% organic and safe for adults, children and kids.

Protect Employees, Students and Customers from Coronavirus

This is not a fear tactic trying to sell you a service you do not need. America is at war with a hidden enemy, in fact, we are at war with germs all the time. Learn how the coronavirus is a norovirus and how you can protect yourself. The coronavirus is highly contagious and harmful for the most vulnerable individuals of our population. Savings lives and stopping the spread of the coronavirus is of the upmost importance for Arizona and Americans in general.

Too put it in to perspective on the cost of not sanitizing your business – U.S. employers paid nearly $530 billion per year for illness-related lost productivity costs. That comes out to nearly $3,200 per employee, per year. This is a study and report conducted by Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), a non-profit health and productivity research organization.

“Our research helps employers understand what ill health really costs their businesses so that investments in health and productivity are more informed and more effective,” said Brian Gifford, PhD., Director and Research Analytics for IBI.

Governor Doug Ducey has announced a slow down of our business and a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Many businesses will continue to stay open and work thanks to the $350 billion dollar stimulus loan for small businesses.

Essential business that will need coronavirus disinfection service includes:

  • Hospitals, Home Healthcare Providers, Health Entities and Clinics
  • Dental Offices, Eye Care Centers and Veterinary Care
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood Donation Organizations
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Shelters, Food Banks and Food Production Facilities
  • Utility, Transportation, Airport, Solid Waste and Recycling Operations
  • Cybersecurity, Internet and Video Telecommunication Services
  • Grocery Store, Farmers Market and Produce Stands
  • Food, Beverage and Agriculture Business
  • Charitable, Social Services and Religious Organizations
  • Media, Newspaper, TV, Radio Operations
  • Gas Stations, Auto Supply, Repair and Shops
  • Banks
  • Mail, Shipping, Delivery and Pick-up Services

For a full list of business you can view the State of Arizona Executive Order 2020-18 here.

Get a Coronavirus Disinfection Spray for your Commercial or Residential Property Today

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  • 100% Organic Plant Derived Solution
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