UFOs are mostly dismissed by U.S. governments as having terrestrial origins. As reports of UFO sightings have skyrocketed across the United States since the 1940s, one wonders why this phenomenon has not been taken more seriously.

  • The man who started the Hippy Era also created the image of the Grey Alien that has been popularized in American Cinema
  • Viruses, bacteria and parasites are living organisms that are found everywhere – including all over your home
  • Sucker-Aliens help to stop harmful aliens (viruses, bacteria, and parasites) from invading and destroying humans

UFO’s and the American Imagination

From the very first day we walked on earth to now – Humans have always used drawings to tell a story.

A 10,000-year-old cave drawing depicts strange spacemen (so it seems) walking among men.

Lam Drawing by Alister Crowley

In 1960, Alister Crowley, a man who started the Hippy Era drew the grey alien that everyone sees in movies today. In the same decade, Carl Sagan, a popular theorist, suggested in an essay that there might be a visitation from ancient aliens, with direct contact between the civilizations of the Milky Way galaxy being achieved through relativistic interstellar spaceflight.

This theory swept over America and became a sensational conversation starter around the water cooler amongst colleagues and friends.

This theory swept over America and became a sensational conversation starter around the water cooler amongst colleagues and friends. Since the mid-1900’s, the mind of every American has been invaded with cave drawings, visions and theories of Aliens and UFO’s. World Government’s, US Congress and Military have troves of information about UFOs (download FBI Project Blue Book).

The Fairy Tale is True Religious Supernatural in Films and New Media

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This research sheds light on how viewing a movie or digital production about religion and the religious supernatural, especially when it attempts to recreate or revise an historical person or religious event, impacts belief. Movies about the religious supernatural often involve a connection with a historical or ostensibly “real” event, or an event (like Aliens and UFOs) that is historically unverifiable but is believed in by many people.

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Invasion of Alien Parasites and Viruses

We don’t know if Aliens or UFOs are real – some have stronger ancient alien theories than others, but no scientist or government agency has real definitive proof (well, that’s what they say). The excuse they give taxpayers is that “it would collapse society” if the “truth” were exposed.

However, what almost collapsed society was the COVID-19 norovirus pandemic of 2020!

What we found out is fear of microscopic germs is as effective as Aliens and UFO’s in and that both will get Humans to do whatever is necessary to preserver (or nearly destroy in our case) life in the name of health, safety, and security.

There are millions of bacteria living around us – in the soil or in water, and on surfaces in our homes and workspaces. You can find bacteria (microbes) in the air; on foods, plants, and animals; in soil and water — and just about any other surface, including your own body.

Bacteria and viruses can live outside the body – and they are all over your home, on your kitchen counter, floors, bathroom, and bed – sometimes for hours or days. Some viruses live outside of the body for shorter periods, though the short time is usually still enough time for them to spread to others.

Impact of Foodborne Pathogens in Everyday Life

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In telephone surveys, 94% of respondents claim they always wash up after using the rest room; however, researchers contend that almost one-third of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. Of the more than 7,000 people nationwide who participated in the study, 81% said they wash their hands before handling or eating food. However, most say they do not wash up after petting an animal (48%), coughing or sneezing (33%), or handling money (22%).

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They Live Under Your Carpet and on the Floors!

A carpet can retain up to eight times the weight of its own dirt and dust and can get more dirt than the streets of a town.

Can imagine the alien-type-germs that live within the confines of carpet fabric, wood, and grout?

Pet Hair Fecal Matter Under Carpets

Mold, pet hair, urine and fecal matter, old skin, dust, and dirt all get trapped inside the carpet; including severe forms like particles, which can cause the development of a variety of diseases. In most cases, just vacuuming and cleaning the floor on your own may be enough to get rid of all these things.

What’s worse is that pet urine and fecal matter carry bacteria too, odor and chemicals such as ammonia, which can irritate the nose and the lungs, animal waste can be especially harmful for young children, who are frequently exposed to soiled carpets.

Sucker-Aliens Invade the House

In 1907, James Spangler, a janitor, came across a Sucker-Alien that would help humans (as soon as James gave this alien permission to invade earth). The history of the vacuum goes something like this…

Mr. Spangler was an asthmatic who deduced that the primitive carpet sweeper he was using at work was irritating him and making him wheeze and cough.

James Spangler Inventor of Electric Suction Sweepers

That’s when he created the first Sucker-Alien by tinkering with an old fan motor, soap box, broom stick and pillowcase. The motor would collect dust into the pillowcase and voila, the first Hoover Vacuum (aka Sucker-Alien).

In 1922, William Hoover bought James Spangler’s Electric Suction Sweeper Company and vacuum patents from underneath him and set out to make the door-to-door salesman gimmick an American success story.

Now, 43 percent of consumers have multiple Sucker-Aliens (vacuums) living in the house. These guys have invaded almost every closet – saving humans from destruction.

Aliens, UFO’s, Viruses, Bacteria and Vacuums

The Human imagination and creative animating Spirit can be an amazing source of ingenuity that can better humanity if used the right way. Sucker-Aliens for example have saved us from destruction. These awesome Sucker-Aliens, aka Vacuum cleaners, are quickly becoming smaller, more portable, and – crucially – cheaper.

Small, powered-by-motor vacuums, famously by Hoover and Electrolux, began appearing in 1915. Now, they are robots that do the dirty work while you play. Why not make everything a robot? The implementation of the CHIPS act, redirection of semi-conductors to manufacture autonomous self-driving cars is making the Jetsons Show look more and more like a reality.

Soon, we won’t be do anything but walking around our green roofs sipping tea watching drones flying around delivering amazon products… That’s only science fiction writing… right?

But seriously, If we all do our part to keep our carpets and floors clean – as well as use common sense – the invasive alien parasites, bacteria and viruses that plague humanity won’t be as destructive as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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