Prochem Everest 870 HP Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning ServiceBusiness owners and retailers in Arizona often think of customer satisfaction in terms of product availability and employee friendliness, but overlook the influential power that floor cleanliness can have on a customer’s overall opinion of a company.

Most people tend to ignore what’s beneath their feet, but studies continue to show that dirty floors are indeed BAD for business.

In 2013, a poll taken by the Cincinnati Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ: CTAS) found that 93% of adults would consider a public restroom as dirty if it had dirty or sticky floors. Not surprisingly, women were more sensitive to restroom issues than men and adults aged 55 and older indicated that odor contributed to their perception of a dirty restroom, compared to 83 percent of adults aged 18-34.

A 2016 article by CSP Industry News also emphasized the affect the cleanliness of company floors have on leaving a lasting first impression on customer satisfaction.

3 Tips in Keeping Your Commercial Floors Clean

Mops may be useful in cleaning quick spills of water, but should never be used when trying to remove dirt and grime in a commercial setting. Using a mop is like trying to remove dirt with dirt. It is more effective in redistributing dirt and filth than removing it. Once a dirty mop is wrung out into a clean bucket of water your clean bucket of water is no longer clean, but contaminated by residue, grease, oil, hair, dust and who knows what else.

Using a modern floor-scrubbing device will allow you circulate fresh water unto your commercial floors, while keeping the used and contaminated water in a separate container that is easily emptied and disposed of once the cleaning job is finished.

Wet floors are not only dangerous for customers, but a serious contributing factor to dirty floors. Dust and dirt tracked in from outside a store or business quickly leave their mark on any and all kinds of moist or damp surfaces. Prevention is key. Small spills and wet areas on the floor can be effectively dried by using either a towel or a vacuum suction device that is specifically made for drying damp surfaces quickly.

Scratched and scuffed-up floors are a nightmare for retail and commercial store owners because no amount of washing and scrubbing will make this kind of floor problem better. Not only do chips and nicks on the sales floor look unattractive, but they are like magnets to all kinds of filth. The only way to permanently eliminate the problem is to hire a floor cleaning company, like Momentum Carpet Care LLC, to strip and re-wax your floor.

You won’t regret it. Making a floor shine like new can do do wonders in improving customer reviews and ratings. According to a P&G Professional report, “facility appearance ratings can drop by as much as much as 75 percent if floor shine makes a bad first impression.”

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