Mattress Cleaning Service Phoenix

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DO NOT throw out your old mattress before you hear what Momentum can do for you!

Renew Your Mattress with Deep Cleaning Technology from Momentum!

After a few years of sleeping on a mattress it accumulates so much dead skin, oil from your skin, sweat and dust mites you would be terrified if you actually saw the microsopic build-up!

Your body heat also provides the perfect environment for dust mites to live nearby, making our furniture as well as carpets the ideal habitat for dust mites.

Because humans are constantly shedding skin cells, our mattress is the perfect place for dust mites to feed.

Does that all sound horrifying? I know right! It does! However, with Momentum’s proprietary cleaning process and technology we eliminate 99.99% of bateria and dust mites from mattresses and furnitue.

But wait, that’s not all! We eliminate stains on your mattress or furniture. So not only is your furniture clean but it looks brand new.

Don’t throw your mattress away. Get it cleaned and keep it cleaned with Momentum! Call 480-696-0966

Call 480-696-0966

Our flat prices below are an estimate – pricing depends on mattress stains, etc.
Twin from $70 | Full from $90 | Queen from $110 | King from $130
Dry Time: 1 day